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The Thailand International Boat Show: Pioneering a New Wave in Marine Tourism

Published: September 8, 2023 at 3:37 pm

thailand international boat show

Thailand is gearing up to host a maritime event, a beacon to boating enthusiasts and luxury seekers worldwide. The Thailand International Boat Show — A Luxury Lifestyle Event, is primed to set a new benchmark in the marine leisure industry, showcasing Thailand as the ultimate destination for yacht tourism.

Scheduled from January 11-14 at the Royal Phuket Marina, the event, orchestrated by JAND Events in association with the Thai government and industry stakeholders, promises to be a grand stage portraying the epitome of maritime luxury.

As David Hayes, CEO of JAND Events, emphasized, Phuket is Southeast Asia’s marine sanctuary, renowned for its world-class marinas, exceptional maintenance facilities, and close-knit connections to cruising grounds. Hayes highlights that the event isn’t just a nod to international yacht aficionados but is resonating strongly with Thai nationals, eager to embrace boat ownership and charters, further solidifying Thailand’s position as the central hub in marine tourism.

The Thailand International Boat Show 2024  is already hitting high notes with an expansive array of offerings ranging from the latest in boat designs to marine-centric goods and luxury lifestyle experiences. The exhibit spaces, both on water and onshore, are being meticulously crafted to offer an engaging experience to visitors.k

A new onshore air-conditioned display hub will serve as the nexus housing prominent businesses such as SEA Yacht Sales, FLS Yacht, and Marine Services Asia, amongst others, aiming to be a ground for networking and showcasing innovations.

One of the standout features of the 2024 event is the inaugural Thailand Yachting Conference and the prestigious Robb Report ‘Best of the Best’ Yachting Awards, slated for January 10, a day before the grand public opening, setting the stage for thought leadership and recognizing excellence in the yachting arena.

With over 80% of the in-water space already accounted for, leading companies, including Simpson Marine, Derani Yachts, and Leopard Catamarans, are lining up to flaunt the best of sail, power, and superyacht brands from every corner of the globe, promising a veritable feast for the eyes and a golden opportunity for potential buyers.

The horizon seems bright for Phuket, bolstered by strategic governmental initiatives such as airport expansions and relaxed visa protocols for international tourists. As Hayes concludes, the vibrant event aspires to amplify Thailand’s marine tourism sector, positioning the country as a magnet for boating enthusiasts globally.

SOURCE: Phuket News

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