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Thailand Is The Most-Searched Travel Destination According To Agoda

Published: March 30, 2022 at 4:00 pm

foreign tourists in thailand

Thailand has topped other countries as the most searched travel destination worldwide in Agoda, a popular travel search engine.  According to Agoda, searches for Thailand reached a 500% spike in search volume since the start of 2022 with many travelers planning to visit Thailand from March to September.

This is great news for Thailand’s struggling tourism sector which has been closed its borders for tourism since 2020 as a result of Covid.

Agoda added that travelers from Japan, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom intend to visit Thailand. Whereas tourists from China and Russia which dominated the tourism sector in the country before Covid-19 are now experiencing the effects of geopolitics that may impose a demographic change on Thailand’s tourism. Potential Russian tourists who intend to visit Thailand can’t visit Thailand because of the continuing conflict in Ukraine while China is implementing lockdowns due to the surge of Covid-19 cases.

Tourism businesses in Thailand submitted a request to the government to relax entry procedures for travelers. One of their requests includes eliminating the Thailand Pass requirement which needs to be secured before traveling to Thailand.

The Thai government and CCSA will review the request of tourism businesses. Currently, some of the restrictions have already been eased like eliminating pre-flight PCR testing for travelers which will take effect on April 1, and the mandatory PCR test on the 5th-day of stay in the country.

Last year Thailand earned just 150 billion baht in tourist revenue from foreign tourists, 92% down from 1.85 trillion in 2019. The  National Economic and Social Development Council anticipates international tourists will generate 470 billion baht in tourism revenue in 2022 with 5.5 million visitors.

Source: Thai Enquirer

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