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Thailand Provinces Request To Be Included In Sandbox Program

Published: December 23, 2021 at 6:04 pm

Koh Samui

Now that Thailand’s Test & Go is suspended, the only way for foreign visitors to visit the country is through the Phuket Sandbox program or alternative quarantine. Tourism businesses in other parts of Thailand are requesting the government to expand the sandbox program to their provinces.

Chon Buri Tourism Council’s Thanet Supornsahasrungsi believes that areas within a two-hour drive from Suvarnabhumi airport should be included since the airport welcomed most of the arrivals since the country formally reopened on November 1.

Currently, the suspension of the ‘Test & Go’ program will take effect until the end of 2021, but international visitors must plan their trips in advance. The long-haul market may already have changed their planned trip to other destinations as a result of policy changes.

According to Bangkok Post, Thanet asks the government to explain the requirements for sandbox status so that each province can check if the requirements are met.  He added that policymakers should make an effort to address vaccine booster doses as necessary and encourage unvaccinated individuals to be vaccinated.

The Public Health Ministry reported that most tourist destinations are experiencing delays in booster doses. Only 8.31% of Chon Buri residents have got their booster dose, 6.79% percent in Chiang Mai, and 5.82% in Krabi.  Phuket is well ahead of the pack at 54%.

Krabi’s provincial tourism council president expressed his concerns that airline companies that tourists from Scandinavia may cancel their scheduled flights after the suspension of the Test & Go plan unless Krabi is included in the sandbox program.

According to La-Iad Bungsrithong of the Thai Hotels Association’s northern branch, Chiang Mai welcomed a small number of foreign tourists before the suspension of Test & Go.  She added that going back to tight travel restrictions is needed to avoid a lockdown which would negatively affect the province’s domestic tourism.

Source:  Bangkok Post

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