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Thailand Received 32,627 Arrivals in January, with Russians topping the list

Published: January 6, 2022 at 8:56 pm

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As the full reopening of Thailand remains uncertain, tourists hurried to enter the country before more entry restrictions will be imposed. Russia topped the list with a few surprise countries entering the top 10 list.  In the first few days of January, the Kingdom received 32,627 arrivals.

The  Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration has confirmed that they have no plans to resume the Test & Go program, a program that permits vaccinated travelers to enter Thailand and only needs isolation for the duration of the RT-PCR test used to confirm negative results upon arrival.  Thai authorities announced the cut-off date for those already allowed to attend the initiative only three days before the initial scheduled date, January 10.

Around 100,000 travelers are waiting to see whether their booked flights and travel plans to Thailand between January 10 and January 31 will be canceled, putting many non-refundable reservations at risk. Changing travel dates in order to arrive before the deadline will also not work since this would revoke their approved Thailand Pass.

In what may be the last wave of foreign travelers to enter Thailand, 2,511 individuals entered Thailand from Russia in the first four days of the new year came in significantly bigger numbers than Sweden with 1,633 people.

Germany is set on the third-highest number of overseas visitors to Thailand, 1,581. The United Kingdom and the United States were tied at 1,435 travelers.

Kazakhstan, which just introduced a direct flight to Phuket, was in seventh place with 1,268 arrivals, while Romania came in 8th, beating out numerous Scandinavian countries known for winter travel to Thailand.

There are 605 foreign travelers who were recognized as carrying COVID-19 upon arrival. The UK had the highest infection rate, with 5.92%, followed by the US with a 5.3% infection rate. Germany was in 3rd with 2.85% of arrivals carrying are infected, followed by Sweden with 2.33%.  France was in 6th place with a rate of 2.17%.





1,633 2.33%


1,581 2.85%

United Kingdom

1,435 5.92%

United States 

1,434 5.30%


1,288 2.17%




Denmark 768
Finland 745

Source:  CCSA

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