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Thailand Still The Top Pick For European Travelers

Published: November 10, 2021 at 9:31 pm

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According to destination management company EXO Travel, Thailand continues to be a popular destination for European travelers, and these markets might completely recover to pre-pandemic levels if all travel restrictions are lifted.

According to Hamish Keith, chief executive of EXO Travel, there is significant demand among Europeans for long-haul travel, especially to Thailand, over the following winter.

“Once the quarantine was lifted, we immediately saw a spike in inquiries to 50% of 2019 levels. What we think is that if all restrictions are lifted, we will immediately return to pre-pandemic numbers,” Mr. Keith said.

Mr. Keith said at Tuesday’s Food & Hotel Thailand (FHT) X Thailand Sourcing Festival webinar that tourism in Greece and the Maldives had returned significantly, with arrivals exceeding expectations compared to 2019.

Unrestricted reopenings are the result of this increase in foreign travelers that started far sooner than expected, with Asian countries, especially Thailand.

He said that the high inoculation rate of around 70% in European countries allowed people to accept the dangers associated with travel.

However, after two years of limited foreign arrivals to Asian countries, Security is still what worries European clients.

Mr. Keith said that many European tour operators’ most common concerns were the availability of tour guides, transportation company safety procedures, and hotel and room costs.

He added, “It is critical to show to Europeans that Thailand is safe, that we adhere to international standards and Thailand is a safe destination.”

He noted that European tourists would now go farther but with lesser trips.

Thailand may respond appropriately by designing customized travel experiences that draw travelers away from well-known attractions and toward lesser-known destinations, particularly in the countryside and less-visited regions.

Mr. Keith emphasized the significance of sustainability, noting that the world may witness an increase in more environmentally and health-conscious travelers.

Therefore, Thailand should use the chance to add more environment-friendly components into the tourist industry, re-establish travelers’ trust with regards to safety, and market itself as a green destination.

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Source: Bangkok Post

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