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Tourists and Seagulls Flock To This Sandbar Located In Central Thailand

Published: November 25, 2022 at 7:02 pm

seagulls in thailand

A sandbar located in central Thailand currently attracts tourists and seagulls. Tourists gather and visit Don Hoi Lot, a sandbar located in Samut Songkhram from 5 p.m. till sunset.

According to locals, hundreds of seagulls appeared at Don Hoi Lot.  Tourists are excited to have the opportunity to see seagulls closely.

Locals claim that the flock of seagulls that attracts tourists helped local businesses, and fishermen. Tourists often travel to Don Hoi Lot for its seafood stores and restaurants.

The first seagulls to visit the province were in small numbers but lately, their numbers increased and have already attracted hundreds of tourists.

Seagulls often migrate to the Bang Pu Recreation Centre located in Samut Prakan during the winter to breed.  The center is another popular location for travelers to get photos and feed the birds.

According to experts, seagulls are brown-headed gulls belonging to the Laridae family. They often inhabit areas between Turkmenistan and Mongolia. During the winter, they move to Thailand, Australia, and Indonesia to breed. Once their chicks are able to fly, the seagulls return to their habitats which is usually during the month of May.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand included Don Hoi Lot on its list of “10 Things to Do in Samut Songkhram”.  Its sandbar is home to different kinds of shellfish.

During low tide, tourists may hire a boat to collect razor shells. According to TAT, the ideal time to visit Don Hoi Lot is between March and May. This is because the low tide season is longer, allowing the sandbar to be seen.

SOURCE: Thaiger

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