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What makes Bangkok Unique? Foreigners In The City Share Their Thoughts

Published: July 18, 2022 at 8:50 pm

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According to foreign tourists, the city is one of the top attractions in Southeast Asia since it offers visitors important elements (such as street foods available 24 hours a day), various lifestyles, and unique experiences.

The Bangkok Post interviewed foreigners in the city to highlight why this place is so popular. Bangkok ranked first in Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia’s first “Asia’s Best Awards 2022,” which recognized the “Top 10 cities in Southeast Asia” this month.

A 30-year-old Austrian visitor named Nico said that this was her fourth visit. She said that it is an interesting and fascinating place with unusual travel experiences. She may ride a very affordable Bangkok motorbike cab and then transfer to a bus that will take her to her destination.

It is thrilling to ride a tuk-tuk to discover some of the most stunning roads, villages, and scenery.

As she photographed Siam Square’s architecture, Nico said, “There is nothing like Bangkok.”

She said that Bangkok also has many amazing attractions, particularly temples.

“I have visited a historic city and a few of Bangkok’s temples. It is a wonderfully calm and soothing environment,” she stated.

The city is also known for its fascinating selection of street foods, where she discovers interesting dining experiences. Even after a few beers late at night, I can go down the alley and get some of the world’s greatest cuisine.”


Marc Jay, a 22-year-old American, said that he enjoys Bangkok because its diversity.

“Coming here from the United States is a great culture shock since everything is different, from the cuisine to the people to the way people live; therefore, I believe that this is an incredible place.”

Bangkok is among the most interesting places I’ve ever visited. There are so many things to do, from visiting shopping malls and wandering streets to temples and nightclubs.  There are many cuisines I like, but the moo ping (grilled pork) experience is memorable since the ingredients are grilled next to you”

Bangkok also provides luxury nightlife alternatives, including rooftop bars, cocktail lounges, and dance clubs.

“I like visiting Phrom Phong and Thong Lor in Bangkok due to the abundance of activities, nightclubs, and Khao San Road.”

“Khao San Road is renowned for its inexpensive lodging, eateries, and massage parlors. Bangkok is a city of variety and diversity, in my opinion,” he added.

Phuket was named the “Best Island in Southeast Asia 2022” elsewhere in Thailand. Koh Samui also made a list, ranking second.

Julie Jenifer, a 27-year-old traveler from Australia who lives near Khao San Road, has visited Koh Samui, Phuket, and Koh Chang in Trat, but this is her first time in Bangkok. “Koh Samui is the most enchanting island due to its scenic features, beaches, and pleasant amenities,” Ms. Jennifer said.

In addition to restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, visitors may stay in 5-star hotels with beachfront and ocean views. Those who want adventure may also participate in scuba diving, climbing, and beach parties.

Compared to the other islands, Bangkok is much more sophisticated and bustling.

It provides wonderful experiences with a broad range of sites, including temples, floating markets, pedestrian streets, and vibrant nightlife. She also likes hanging out in Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat Road.

Ms. Jenniffer continued, “Thailand is an alluring tourist destination to discover because of its variety of beautiful places and cultural diversity.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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