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Thailand Elite Visa

Why Sign Up for Thailand Elite Visa?

The Thailand Elite program is an innovative service intended to bring the best of what Thailand can offer to its foreign visitors. In a nutshell, membership in the program gives Thailand Elite visa and passport holders access to exclusive perks that they wouldn’t otherwise enjoy as a result non-immigrant visa holder.

Membership is open to all foreigners who would like to make their next trip to Thailand, and the subsequent ones after, a truly unforgettable experience.

Let’s take a look at what the perks are of signing up for the Thailand Elite visa.

Complimentary Perks From Hospitality Establishments

Think of it this way. If you’re in a foreign country, you certainly will want to enjoy whatever there is that the nation has to offer you. You begin in the hospitality industry, of course, which is made up of hotels, and other associated establishments from which you subscribe to essential services.

With that in mind, the program has partnered with several establishments throughout the Kingdom of Thailand to give you exclusive complimentary benefits. These establishments include the Bangkok Golf Club, Toongtong Muay Thai Gym, Green Leaf Spa, Cliff Spa at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Pimalai Resort and Spa, and many others.

With these agreements, you can make otherwise mundane activities for holidaymakers and tourists a bit more memorable with an experience that you can totally call your own.

Arrival Service Worthy of the Elite

The quality of your journey into any country begins the second you set foot on terra firma, and that’s when you get off the stairs of the airplane and into the runway.

This is mostly the part where tourists feel frustrated – imagine flying several time zones across the world, and you have to spend a half hour or even an hour waiting in line for immigration to process you. You only want to get out of the airport as fast as possible, and take your rest at your chosen hotel.

That’s what Thailand Elite membership can save you from. As a member, you can access special zones in immigration that bypass the regular lane. When you arrive, you go ahead (with your family, if you’re traveling as group) to the dedicated immigration booth and be formally welcomed into the Kingdom of Thailand in as quick as five minutes.

As an Elite, you deserve not only convenience, but also luxury. After getting processed through immigration, you get the exclusive experience of airport to hotel transfers via luxury limousine.

Personal Assistance

Thailand Elite members also enjoy the services of a personal assistant that will help get through various processes that they would have to line up for if they were just regular tourists in Thailand.

Available upon request, Personal Elite Assistants can meet you up on the airport upon arrival and guide you through the process. Aside from that, you can also request the services of these assistants even if you’re just passing through Thailand on a layover to your destination.

These assistants can also help you through government processes, especially your mandatory appearance before immigration prior to extending your stay in the Kingdom.

There’s a wonderful world in store for you when you sign up for membership with the Thailand Elite service. Contact us now and learn more about the Thailand Elite Visa membership.


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