The Thailand Elite Visa falls under the Tourist Visa category (Privilege Entry Visa “PE”) and offers numerous benefits and services for its members. Members can choose from packages based on their preferences and needs.

There are seven program choices, each with its own unique set of advantages, and validity as shown below.

5 Years Visa

Elite Easy Access Card

Easy Access Elite

The Elite Easy Access membership is the preferred choice for persons who travel to Thailand frequently.

    • 600,000 Baht one-time program fee.
    • Zero annual fees.
    • Upgradeable to 20-year Ultimate Privilege visa for 1.5 million Baht or
    • Upgradeable to 20-year Superiority Extension visa for 400,000 Baht.
    • VIP services and 24 short haul transfers are included.

20 Years Visa

Elite Ultimate Privilege Card

Elite Ultimate Privilege

Recommended elite package for retirement and business people who want to enjoy all the perks and benefits of a Thailand Elite Visa for 20 years.

    • THB 2 million one time fee
    • Annual fee of THB 20,000.
    • VIP services, spa and golf access, unlimited short haul transfers, and annual health check included.

10 Years Visa

Elite Privilege Access Card

Elite Privilege Access

Elite Privilege Access grants you exclusive benefits that truly make your experience in Thailand as personalized as you want.

    • 1 million Baht one time program fee
    • 800,000 Baht one time program fee for additional family members
    • Zero annual fees
    • Inclusive of VIP services, an annual health check, and 18 short-haul transfers.

20 Years Visa

Elite Superiority Extension Card

Superiority Extension Elite

Make your living in Thailand a lot more comfortable by signing up with the Elite Superiority Extension membership.

    • 1 million Baht one time fee.
    • Zero annual fees
    • VIP services

5 Years Visa

Elite Family Excursion Card

Elite Family Excursion

Make sure your next Thailand family holidays go hitch-free. The Family Excursion membership is good for 2 people who want to have 5-year easy access to the land of smiles.

    • Designed for a minimum of two people at a one-time cost of 800,000 Baht.
    • One-time 300,000 Baht fee for additional immediate family members.
    • No annual fee.
    • NOTICE: This package will be discountinued starting 16th June 2023. We still accept applications for Elite Family Excursion package until 15th June, 2023. Click here for more information.

20 Years Visa

Elite Family Premium Card

Family Premium Elite

The Elite Family Premium program allows you, as the main member, to delegate the same benefits you enjoy to all the members of your family.

    • The family of a person with Ultimate Privilege is qualified to apply.
    • For the approval of Core member of Ultimate Privilege.
    • 10,000 Baht annual fee.
    • VIP services, spa and golf access, and limitless short-haul transfers are included.

10 Years Visa

Elite Family Alternative Card

Elite Family Alternative

Make the experience seamless, convenient and comfortable for your family with the Elite Family Alternative Membership

    • THB 800,000 one-time program fee
    • THB 700,000 one-time program fee for additional immediate family members.
    • Zero annual fees
    • VIP services included.

10 to 20 Years Visa

Elite Flexible Plus

The Elite Flexible Plus is for current members who are interested in investment and special privileges to work in Thailand.

    • Membership depends on the current Thailand Elite membership.
    • Available for Elite Ultimate Privilege, Elite Privilege Access, and Elite Superiority Extension members only.
    • Requires $1 Million USD in 3 different kinds of investment. These investments are real estate, a public company limited or company, and stock exchange of Thailand.
    • Special privileges to work in Thailand.


Thailand Elite Members have access to exclusive perks and benefits. These include liaison and assistance via the Elite Personal Assistant service on arrival and departure. The Elite Personal Liaison service also lets you delegate certain tasks like government and bank transactions to someone else as a proxy.

There are also complimentary services in spas, golf courses, restaurants and limousine transfers to and from your hotel. Here are the different privileges you can enjoy with your Thailand Elite membership.

Please call us or fill out the contact form below if you have any questions or if you want to know more about your privileges. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.

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