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PM Launches ‘Ignite Thailand’ Initiative to Position Thailand as a Global Tourism Leader

Published: June 14, 2024 at 10:42 pm

ignite thailand

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, has called for a transformative enhancement of the tourism infrastructure and offerings across 55 second-tier tourist provinces. This initiative is part of the government’s broader “Ignite Thailand” vision, aimed at establishing the country as a leading global tourism hub.

During a recent conference with provincial governors, representatives from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and various stakeholders from the private sector, Prime Minister Srettha emphasized the need for improved connectivity between established and emerging tourist destinations. This approach seeks to distribute tourism’s economic benefits more uniformly across the nation.

The Prime Minister highlighted the government’s focus on promoting these 55 provinces by improving critical areas such as attractions, accommodation, transportation, local identity, and culinary experiences. He encouraged travelers to immerse themselves in local cultures, explore hidden gems, and engage with the community through food, arts, and sports.

A collaborative effort between public and private sectors is essential for the development and enhancement of tourism capabilities in these regions, according to PM Srettha. Plans include upgrading transportation infrastructure, creating new tourist attractions, and offering innovative tourism experiences.

Following the Prime Minister’s address, Tourism Minister Sudawan outlined five strategies developed in collaboration with tourism agencies and entrepreneurs:

Positive Experience Throughout the Journey: Ensures tourists have all necessary information and safety throughout their trip, improves facilities and accessibility, and offers comprehensive support through services like the UCEP scheme and the 1155 Call Centre.

5 Must-Do’s in Thailand: Promotes key experiences representing ‘Thainess’—Muay Thai, Thai cuisine, Thai culture, Thai fabrics and handicrafts, and traditional and modern performances to attract tourists.

Linking Primary and Secondary Tourism Provinces: Expands travel routes from major cities to culturally rich, lesser-known provinces, improving facilities and transportation to develop these areas into new tourist destinations.

Hub of ASEAN: Aims to make Thailand a seamless travel destination within ASEAN through initiatives like the ASEAN Pass and cross-border QR payments, enhancing regional cooperation.

World-Class Event Hub: Focuses on establishing Thailand as a venue for major international events, from music festivals to sports, aiming to draw global audiences and boost tourism.

Support for local businesses will be bolstered through tax incentives, as well as training and upskilling programs for tourism workers. The government is also committed to enhancing safety standards, advocating for responsible and sustainable tourism practices, and leveraging digital and social media to boost tourism publicity.

Additionally, the Prime Minister announced intentions to nominate several of these provinces for UNESCO World Heritage status, underscoring the cultural and historical significance of these areas. This initiative is expected to attract more international visitors and establish Thailand as a top-tier global tourist destination.


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