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Restrictions Eased In Phuket, Restaurants Now Permitted To Sell Alcohol

Published: June 22, 2021 at 5:54 pm

phuket new guidelines

The announcement occurred during yesterday’s (June 21) meeting of the Phuket Communicable Disease Committee at Provincial Hall, with provincial order dated and signed by Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew posted online yesterday. The order takes effect on June 21, 9 days before the island’s reopening to vaccinated foreign tourists on July 1.

“With regards to loosening restrictions of the opening of places to establish safety measures, monitoring, and handle the spread of additional COVID-19 in certain areas, places can be opened for specific activities or operations, and people can participate in activities necessary for their living and occupation, allowing social and economic activities to continue with public health measures.” Governor Narong stated.

phuket new guidelines page 1Under the new rule, schools are permitted to use buildings and facilities for training, teaching, examinations, or any other purpose. Food or beverage establishments that are not running as entertainment service places may enable foods and drinks to be consumed in the establishment during the prescribed hours. “No later than 23:00, the sale and consumption of liquor or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the shop,” the order stated.

According to the order, 70% of the business’ workforce must be completely inoculated with at least 2 injections or required doses for each vaccine, or with only one dose for AstraZeneca, at least two weeks before commencing work.

The order stated that all entertainment places in Phuket, including karaoke venues, bars, pubs, and other businesses “that are related to entertainment venues, must remain closed, as well as places for boxing, fish fighting, cockfighting, and other forms of gambling.

Moreover, another loosening of COVID rules under the new provincial order permits convenience stores and supermarkets to operate normally. Before, all 24-hour convenience stores were required to close between 11 pm, and 4 am. Community malls, shopping malls, and department stores may return to regular operating hours, except for game and entertainment zones.

phuket new guidelines page 2All men’s and women’s hairdressing salons may now reopen. Both snooker and billiards halls and other establishments with pool tables are now permitted to operate between 3 pm and 11 pm. As is the case with restaurants, 70% of workers must be thoroughly inoculated. Waterparks, Internet cafés, and movie theaters may resume regular operating hours. But, the ruling stated that amusement parks operational hours are between 6 am and 8 pm.

“Social gathering and selling alcohol or alcoholic drinks in public locations, parks, and beaches are still prohibited,” the directive stated. Additionally, the directive stated, “do not arrange activities in which groups of more than 200 persons gather unless such activity is conducted by a qualified official or in an area assigned as a quarantine facility.” Furthermore, the directive did not mention whether it remains illegal for friends to enter a family member’s house, a violation for which foreigners have been warned with deportation. The order lifts the condition that dining with relatives or drinking alcohol in one’s home or another place of residence must involve relatives and not an outside party.

Officers or business owners should allow employees to work from home for as long as possible to minimize social interaction and infection risk. Officers must conduct thorough inspections of sites at risk of disease spread, such as worker camps and factories. Anyone that does not follow officers’ recommendations and acts in violation of this order will be prosecuted under applicable law, the order stated.

Source: Phuket News

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