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Thailand Police Launched “Tourist Police i lert u” Mobile App

Published: December 20, 2021 at 6:04 pm

tourist police i lert u

“Tourist Police i lert u” is the latest mobile application that was introduced on December 15 to provide tourists immediate access to general assistance and emergency response.  Thailand’s Tourist Police created the app to increase tourist safety by offering simple access to assistance when required. The application is released concurrently with the opening of a tourism web page portal to assist new arrivals in the country. The Tourist Police Chief described how the new application would serve tourists in times of need.

“The new app was created in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports with the goal of creating a platform that enables tourists to travel hassle-free. The ‘Tourist Police i lert u’ app makes use of GPS or Global Positioning System to locate travelers in need of assistance while traveling in Thailand. The app allows authorities to respond swiftly in emergency situations and improve tourist confidence about their safety while in Thailand.”

The application will work in conjunction with the Tourist Police’s existing 1155 call centre, with the goal of increasing awareness among tourists who to contact and how to contact them before they find themselves in an emergency situation. Currently, the contact centers support English, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese was not mentioned), Japanese, Korean, and Russian, with plans to add French, German, and Arabic in the next couple of months.

When an emergency response is needed, the new mobile app will connect to the 1155 contact center and first responders will contact the phone number given when the user downloaded and installed the app. They may use the GPS in the app to deploy police officers or the proper department to assist tourists. The “Tourist Police i lert u” mobile application enables users to take a picture of any occurrence and submit it to the system in order to report issues and ask for immediate assistance.

Source: Nation Thailand

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