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Thailand’s Visa-Free Stay Duration Reduced From 45 To 30 Days

Published: April 3, 2023 at 7:44 pm

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The visa period for tourists from around 60 countries to Thailand, which was previously 45 days, has now been shortened to 30 days.

Travelers from mainland Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Saudi Arabia will only be allowed a 30-day stay in Thailand if they arrive in the country without a visa. The 45-day visa exemption has officially ended.

The previous rules that were in effect before October 1, 2022, when the 45-day exemption was put in place as a temporary measure to attract more visitors through the end of March 2023, have been revised by this policy change.

Many travelers who planned to visit Thailand for over 30 days are likely to be affected by the removal of the 45-day visa exemption.

TAT or the Tourism Authority of Thailand exerted great effort to prolong the 45-day visa. However, travelers from around 60 countries that are permitted entry without a visa will no longer be given a 45-day stay. However, travelers can extend their stay for an additional 30 days by going through the Immigration process, which will enable them to explore the country for up to 60 days.

Those from visa-exempt countries will also be able to acquire a 30-day extension by leaving and reentering the country. Nevertheless, only two land border crossings are permitted each year. While there are no official restrictions on air travel to Thailand, Immigration officials have the authority to refuse entry to travelers if they deem a formal visa from a Thai embassy to be necessary.

In the meantime, the visa-on-arrival period, which has been prolonged from 15 to 30 days, has expired and has reverted to 15 days for countries regarded as visa-on-arrival.

The Thai government has yet to announce the adjustment formally but is anticipated to do so after the Cabinet meeting.

Reports suggest that the TAT plans to propose changes to the visa program to the new government following the General Election, in order to attract a larger number of visitors. On social media, a number of political analysts expressed their opinion that due to Parliament being temporarily disbanded and the administration is in a caretaker status until the upcoming General Election in May, it might have been legally impossible to extend the program. Consequently, the program was allowed to expire on its originally intended termination date.

SOURCE: Thaiger

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